Monday, November 22, 2010

This Blog is Going Bye-Bye

Yo JCrew people,

It dawned on me a few months ago when I never came back to write the follow-up post that I'd promised that I honestly & realistically don't have the time to maintain this blog, in addition to the other one I just started, so I'm canning it. Frankly, I don't want to just blog about JCrew. I'd rather blog about fashion in general. So, get your Furious Fashionista fashion fix at my new blog, "Furious Fashion Fix." See ya over there.

Over and out,

P.S. I'll keep this blog up for a while, but then might decide to delete it at some point. Not sure just yet. Later....

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog URL Name Change

I've decide to change the website address to to distinguish it from my predecessor's (i.e., Cyberpenguin's) creation. And let's face it, that's actually the name of this blog anyhow, so it actually makes a whole lotta sense to change the URL to match the blog name. Also, some copy-cat bastard stole the "JCrewaholic" domain name (Cybepenguin actually coined the "JCrewaholics" name & created the site first), so that's yet another reason to make this site's URL unique.

I'll still keep the old up & running for those people who happen to bumble into the old address via some older links, & will include a redirect link there to bring them to the new & most current blog address.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Grand Return

Hellooooo there fashion-frenzied fanatics!

I'm back, baby, & ready to rant. Miss me?!

Before I get things started with the fall accessory review, I'd like to get a few things off my chest:

To set the record straight, this is "Furious Fashionista" here -- & not Cyberpenguin or "JCrewaholic" -- who's now writing this blog. Just mentioning it in case you thought differently. Those other two have long ago since "left the building," and won't be returning anytime soon. Don't let the door smack your asses on the way out! Hardy-har-har. OK, not really, but at least Cyberpenguin stuck it out longer than the others. She started the blog in the first place so maybe that has something to do with it. ;-) I have no idea why "JCrewaholic" split, nor do I really care, since I barely knew who the heck this person was anyhow. And as for the guest bloggers: Guess that guest-writing gig apparently didn't work out for "Silverlining" either.

With the exception of long-time writer Cyberpenguin, what is it with all these fly-by-night people? Maybe some people need to figure out if they actually WANT to blog before they take up the mantle and do it. Maybe these people never blogged before and hadn't a clue what they were getting into? Whatever.

So, I'm it, people. All that's left. And if you don't like that idea, please go take a mother-freakin' hike. Hah.

Also, I'm now on Twitter, biatches! You can dish with me at @furiousfashion. The jackasses at Twitter wouldn't let me put the "ista" part on the end, because apparently that's too many letters. Oh well. Also, the account's protected, because I don't want to deal with any spammers or haters out there. So, if you're a friendly fashion force and want to send a follow request, you're more than welcome to do so.

Also, I wanted to announce my very own blog, called Furious Fashion Fix. Unfortunately, Furious Fashion & Furious Fashionista were already taken. F*ckers.

This blog allows me to go in a new direction. Frankly, just blogging about nothing but JCrew is a little bit limiting, to say the least, and, well, let's face it, sometimes a little bit boring at times as well. My fashion personality isn't exclusively limited to JCrew. No effin' way. I love fashion in general, and don't want to feel forced to only blog about JCrew. I need a fashion space of my own, that doesn't come with pre-designated expectations. So just deal with it. :) That means that I'll be freeing my fashion demons elsewhere in the blogoverse, so look out, people!

In the meantime, it's time to do a once-over on all things "accessories." That's up next. Bye.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jenna, Jenna, Jenna.....

The coins in my pocket are jangling together. There are two of them, so they can barely rub together to make any noise. More a soft, wind-chime noise than an actual jangling. Ha!

So when I look at the JCrew catalog, I feel like complete crap. I see a bunch of expensive things that I can't afford right now. So that makes me a bit crabby. I ain't called Furious Fashionista for nuthin', people.

The economy's still in the crapper the last time I checked, so what I want to know is this: Who the HELL is buying the $595 Beaded bazaar shift or the $110 dollar Coral Reef tank? Probably some rich bitches that have the expendable cash and secure jobs, that's who!

I mean, sure, Jenna, most of your picks are really lovely. The Cozumel tunic and gladiator sandals and all, but the Coral Reef Tank for $110? Seriously?! It's a tank, people. There aren't even any freakin' sleeves on this thing. What the hell are you paying for? A few scraps of material, and some ribbons. Duh.

I mean, it's kinda a bizarre design to begin with, but $110 for that ugly-as-sin, tee shirt design, WTF?! It looks like someone puked silly-string all over it. Whatever.

Maybe when I get some cash in my pocket, I won't be so cranky anymore. :) However, I don't think I'll be pissing it away on a $110 tank. And a hideous one at that. No thanks!

These days when the JCrew catalog comes in the mail, my usual response is to chuck it into a pile. (And please note, there are several JCrew catalogs in that pile!) I might thumb through it for about 5 seconds, looking for something NEW and EXCITING that I haven't seen before (Uh, hello?!!!), but there's usually nothing these days to truly grab my attention.  I don't know, the stuff just looks so... so unlike something I would want to buy. For a lack of a better word.

Maybe it's because I've just looked at one too many JCrew catalogs, but after a while, the stuff just starts to look the same. A ruffle here, a grosgrain ribbon there. It's all so... expected.

I want something exciting and unusual, but also PRETTY.  A tall order perhaps, but I'm not gonna be smacking down the cash anytime soon unless JCrew can give me a little bit of that ole' JCrew magic. They were hitting their stride for a while, but frankly, I feel like they've hit a few bumps in the road -- potholes (or sinkholes!) to be exact. They are stuck in their ruffle-ly, ruched mode, and can't seem to go anywhere else. Sigh.

Maybe what I'm craving is just something other than JCrew. I guess I can't expect them to stop being their brand, but geez, give us something other than frickin' ruching and ruffles already! Also, seeing the same design templates over and over again is really starting to bore the crap out of me.  I already own enough of your Jackie cardigans. Give me some other reason to buy, please!

Also, I'd really like to see some creative fashion that doesn't require spending an arm & a leg. I don't want a basic tank for $12. I want something fantastic for that $12. Please, the economy is killing me, and I've got to make the most of those $12, if you want to convince me to loosen the change from my pocket. ;)

As for the frilly, beautiful-but-costly, candy confections I do actually like on the JCrew website right now, i.e., the $285 Seraphina dress, etc., I will just sit back and sigh in heavenly bliss.

I guess a girl can still dream.

Back With A Vengeance

Hello there JCrewaholics,

Yeah, it's me. Finally.

I must admit, I haven't been looking at JCrew catalogs in eons. I haven't even been shopping in eons. So what has made me come back here to finally blog about JCrew?

Well, it's not for want of clothes. I guess I just felt like it was time to get started here. I know there have been lots of posts hyping my appearance on this blog, and gee, maybe I actually felt like it was time to put the 'pedal to the metal' and put my money where Cyberpenguin's mouth has been. ;) Given that she's a penguin, that might not be such a good idea. Never know what fishy thing has been in her beak. Psych! JUST kidding, Cyberpenguin.

But seriously, there's been a lot of introductions and hyping of my entrée here. So dammit, here I am. Now you've really asked for it. ;)

So, now that I'm back, let the fun begin......